Bettina M. Scurlock

Senior Web Developer / Independent Web Consultant

Picture of Bettina I have been a computer programmer / web developer for 17 years+. I worked in different industries such as telecommunications, eCommerce, retail, engineering, data storage, application technical support, and financial planning. I have worked for large corporations, medium-sized companies, and small IT shops. I have learned how to effectively and efficiently communicate with both internal and external customers. My primary career goal is to develop high quality, efficient, user-friendly web applications and build positive, creditable relationships with both my team members and clients.


Operating Systems

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(* Currently learning newest version jQuery for CSS3 & cross-browser compliancy)
(** Currently self-teaching through Wordpress and a new project coming March 2016! Check out my blog for updates!)





*(here is always something new to learn every day)

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